Learning why it is better to live in a coastal city.

Quality of life is generally defined by many factors. While many expats claim to enjoy a better quality of life in the heart of a great metropolis with all the amenities, others simply find their happiness by the sea, even if these amenities are not so easily accessible. Today, the new generations privilege quality over quantity, which undoubtedly explains their choice of life. This is one of the reasons why the concept of digital nomadism is gaining momentum around the world, and why getting a Javea estate agent.

                Living near the ocean has many advantages that you may never have thought of. Who said that happiness is only found in large, modern and developed cities? You certainly have specific expectations regarding your expatriation project, but that does not necessarily mean that living near the sea prevents you from achieving your goals, Imagine waking up one morning, having breakfast and heading to the beach, which is a stone’s throw away, for your daily jogging or yoga session.

                Thus, the ocean can provide you with an incomparable quality of life, allowing you to breathe fresh air in a calmer and more serene environment, but also enjoy endless activities. If you are not into sports very much, you can lie on the beach and have a little Sun.